About CAPP

Cats and Pets Pictures is a joint venture between the successful Animal Casting Agency CATVERTISE and Photographer EDWIN DE JONGH

CATVERTISE, now in its 13th year, is a professional animal casting agency located in Amsterdam and run by the talented SABINE VAN DER HELM, an animal handler with 25 years of experience. Literally all kinds of animals can be booked for film (TV, movies and commercials), theatre and photography productions. Catvertise pets have starred for big multi-national brands including Ikea, Mars, ABN/Amro, Philips, Smiths, Volkswagen, Motorola, Cote d’Or, Clarks, Canon, Kodak, Fuji, KLM, Bayer, Ecco, Mexx, Citroën and Tommy Hilfiger, amongst others.

EDWIN DE JONGH is a passionate photographer with a great eye for detail and beauty. He began taking pictures in his childhood with an inherited Kodak Brownie, and after years of work experience in the theatre world as a scriptwriter, actor and singer he turned his passion for photography into a career. Edwin focuses on all subjects, including architecture, travel photography, people and animals. Communication is one of his strongest assets: people and animals are all equally at ease in front of his camera and this shows in his work.


All rights reserved world wide. None of our photographs belong to the public domain.

Therefor they may not be distributed, displayed, altered and performed in any way without our legal (written) permission.

If you are interested in using our pictures commercially, editorial or any other way, kindly contact us at :  info@cappictures.com

Photo by Mathijs van der Vinne (all rights reserved)